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Definition - What does Sati mean?

Sati is a Buddhist term derived from the Pali sati and its Sanskrit counterpart, smrti. It can be translated to mean "mindfulness" or "awareness."

Sati is a spiritual or psychological faculty that forms an essential part of Buddhist practice. It is the first of the seven elements of enlightenment, and the seventh element of the Noble Eightfold Path. Most traditional schools of Buddhism view sati as one of the key elements of meditation.

Western yoga practitioners usually understand sati as the awareness/attention that encourages them to be in the present moment while they improve their focus on bodily postures and the breath. *source:

At Sati Crystals, all items are ethical, fair trade and vegan - because we are aware of the suffering that exists in the world and don't want to contribute to it.

Stones received quickly and a lovely handwritten note included. Stones are beautiful, complete set with one extra and consistent sizes. I will certainly buy from SatiCrystals again! Thanks! LOVE THEM.


These bookends are absolutely gorgeous! Fast shipping and happy they are ethically sourced 🙂


Wow j’adore ses support de livres. Ils sont magnifiques, uniques et bien lourd donc ils tiennent très bien les livres!


Love my pendulum! So neatly packed and great communication from the seller :)


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